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Stupid Employer Tricks, Chapter 11

entropyx17 inspired me to use the last gasp of the dying batteries of the camera whatsisname bought (and i already hate) to take this coffee cup picture. Yeah, How About a Nice Hot Cup of PMS to get you going in the morning?

here's the story on the first Real Job was as an engineering writer for Westinghouse, fondly called the "Circle Bar Dubbleyoo Ranch" by the pukes who worked there...and they had just implemented this new Performance Measurement (or Management, I forget which) System of twice-a-year performance reviews...and it was abbreviated, you guessed it, "PMS". Apparently since most of the people getting reviewed were men, engineering being what it was in those days, nobody figured out how stupid that was going to sound. Or maybe they did but were too shy to speak up about it. (Speaking up tended to be Discouraged, which made me very po0pular at times, as you can prolly guess.) So Westinghouse handed out dozens of memos and folders and yes, even MUGS with "PMS" all over them for a few years. And I got to have the fun of telling everybody, "Yeah, since I started working here I only get PMS twice a year!!" Finally after a few years some honcho got it changed to PAS for Performance Appraisal System, and then the whole division was bought by another company. What really slayed me was that if somebody who hadn't worked at Westinghouse found this mug in the thrift shop (like I did), they would probably not have A CLUE what in hell it meant from the graphic...
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