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snow, in the smilla's sense

we have a significant amount of the white stuff on the trees and ground. (no, not semen, you twit. do you kiss your mother with that dirty mind?)

it's pretty. (the snow, not your mind.) and to think it's been so warm this winter that last week, a bunny was playing in the back yard.

i wonder where the bunnies go when it snows.

i was also wondering today how people pick each other out to be with. like, how do you know somebody is just right for you. i'm not gonna use stupid terms like "The ONE for you". Expanding the pie is a good thing. Redundancy is a good thing. Not to mention those fast food ads for two-for-the-price-of-one burgers from a few years ago with the chimp in the lab and the scientist saying, 'He seems to prefer two.' And even if you prefer One then there's no such thing as the Only One especially if you're seeming to have difficulty making it work. Think about it. Do you keep trying to smash the ill-fitting puzzle piece into the space where it doesn't fit, 'cuz it's such a pretty color, or do you do the Smart thing and go find the RIGHT frigging piece? if you said you'd keep trying to fit the one in that didn't fit, I do understand. tried that once or twice myself. i dunno why I didn't realize there are a lot of beautiful puzzle pieces out there and no one is the living end especially the ones that didn't fit. because continuously not fitting is a sign of something too, a sign usually that that piece is defective somehow if there is just NO PLACE in your puzzle it can go.

but back to this Picking people out thang. it makes perfect sense if the two people are happy and getting along pretty good and each fits right with what the other one is Doing and Wanting. you figure they just sort of understood each other on some unspoken levels, shared some goal or some fear. except I see so many people who go from highs to lows and breakup to makeup like a sine wave. And all I can think is either that's what they want, all that rollercoaster, or else they're just kinda Sad and pathetic and stuck in some rut because they're being Miserable when they could be Comfortable. But some people's life experiences of love have been so across-the-board Miserable that they don't understand it's supposed to feel any different, maybe they don't even feel Cared about if it's too quiet. that's my take. I used to feel that way a little too. Needed a little drama a couple times a month to blow off steam. A little upset on the Outside to take the pressure off how bad I felt on the Inside. Grew out of it now, too tired, don't have time.

Just passed a bunch of kids about 15 fooling around in the snow with one of Stupor Fresh's newly refurbed grocery carts that they "liberated" for the evening. Pushing some kid in the cart and banging the curb and overturning the cart so he fell out in a drift. That looked like fun. I'd want to try it myself, if I was awake. Which I'm not.
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