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hey guess where i've been???

if you guessed "work" DING DING DING!!! you win a cupcake!

i've worked every day for like the last two weeks.
i love my job, i love my boss, but this is getting ridiculous and has to stop.

in other news, i've concluded that most Great Relationships last from 2-6 months. Also that I never realized this because I was lucky enough to meet two dudes who hung around for years apiece and I just figured that was "normal" for people out of high school. HAHAHAHA on me!!!

Oh, if only I were President. When I was up and got in these moods I'd find a small country to invade, or somethin'. I'd have all those Expanders of Executive Privilege who beaver away on position papers at the state department make me up a folder of likely candidates, with accompanying budget for each, and then I could just pull out my little ol' accordion folder and PICK ONE!! I would also have a 24-hour on-call sushi chef. Maybe I'd let HIM pick one, if the sushi was really good! Then I could just pickup the Red Fone and Presto! Just like Libya, Libya, Libya on the Label, Label, Label! Um, I better go to bed.Wasn't there a member of the Cure called Robert Gotobed or was that some other band? GNITE!!!!
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