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a drag??

am I the only person in the world who doesn't mind getting old?

yeah, sometimes it annoys me just like sometimes everything annoys me

but in a way, being old, or even getting called Old, or Old n' ugly, or just Ugly, is like the lifting of a great burden. it makes me feel free like a fat happy toad.

i wonder if this is because i was a fat ugly child and was called names like "Fatty Fatty 2x4" and "Ugly" and all that jazz for years and was pretty happy despite that - didn't care how i looked till i got to be maybe 12 or so and then got to be miserable worrying about looks for a few years (which wasn't fun) and then got actually really pretty during and after college (So i've been told *shrug*) which was this humongous-assed shift in viewpoint from the way i'd perceived myself and wasn't entirely comfortable - and it just takes me back?

to be honest though, it took a while when i was younger (20's, 30's) for me to reach that particular lily pad where i was cool with getting older...getting a really busy life helped a lot because when you have fun productive stuff to do, you don't have time to look in the mirror or worry or care about anyone else's opinion

also maybe you have to kiss a lot of princes (in the sarcastic sense that the ex used to say "Yeah, he's a real PRINCE isn't he") before you get to turn back into a toad.
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