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to stop reading the fiendsfiends liszts of Ppl who may not be bad Ppl but who have about 52 LJfiends who write little essays and short vignettes on the themes of Deep Thoughts About Death/Love/Loss etc. because said little nuggets almost always make me want to REPEATEDLY KICK THE WALL LIKE I AM KICKING THE ELECTRONIC PENCIL OUT OF WHOSIT'S HAND.

The three subjects I am most assolutely sick of reading Attempts at Fictional Deep Thoughts About Even when Feebly (To Me) Disguized as Humour:
1. Death - Your own, someone else's, witnessing, participating, blah.
2. Anything where the character is a writer, writing major, English major, or Thinly Disguised Academic Type Who Is a Hop Skip and Jump From Being a Writing Major - It's like an actor constantly actor!! maybe it worked for two great plays, but do we want to see 1,000,000 of them? I think not!
3. A Young Man's Sexual Awakening - I don't care how much you love those arses from McSweeneys or how many football metaphors you include. Just go have some and come back when you're through.

just a tip, kids,
Deep Thoughts about Death, even when you try to express them humorously, rarely make for good fiction.
Write about making a salami sandwich instead.
You can do a Lot with a salami sandwich!!!
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