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I love it when a dream comes together

I dreamed last night i went to the movies, which were shown in what looked like a 60's colonial living room with rocking chairs on a big ol' box TV. (I recently bought some 60's and 70's decorating books thinking they'd remind me of my mom and while some of the pictures do, a lot of the pictures just remind me of how oppressive i found furniture and decorating in general in those days. Ugly, ugly, ugly, conservative, colonial, fake-Chippendale, ugly, blah!) In the dream I was having a hard time concentrating on the movie because of little distractions like some busybody getting my torn-up interview notes out of the garbage and asking me jerky questions about them, and GI Joes crawling under my rocking chair, and not having bought any popcorn. I woke up hungry for popcorn, then remembered we have a whole box downstairs that I just bought to take to work. Yay! Problem solved!

I never did get to watch the movie and I wish I had because I can't remember now what it was supposed to be about but I know it was good.

The dream I had the night before last was way better, but like most dreams, I'm keeping that one to myself.
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