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Cocktail of love

I blew off work for a couple of hours Thursday and went to see the Seiji Fujishiro exhibit at some Japanese center run offsite by the Embassy. He's this cutout-paper (kagee) shadow artist who is apparently really huge and does TV shows and everything, sort of like a Japanese Disney animator from what I can tell. He does lots of mermaids and elves, which are OK, and dancing kitty cats and mice which are just great. Doesn't seem to be a lot of pix of his work online though, and the ones that are online, besides being captioned and so forth totally in Japanese, tend to be too tiny to show the detail. Maybe he likes it that way so people don't steal his images. Also, half the site links that you get when you search for his work don't even come up. This was the best jpg I could find of a cat pic by him:


Unfortunately, there is no picture of my favorite piece in the show, which was a picture of dancing pop cans and which was featured on the show flyers too, but in such a tiny thumbnail it's not worth scanning here. It was all in the dark with the pictures lit from behind, and some of the nature-y pictures had rippling reflecting pools in front with signs that said "Beware of Water" which was pretty funny considering it was like a half-inch deep max. There was also a film loop featuring a disco shaped like a cat that was full of cats dancing. The animation was kind of crude but the kitty figures were detailed enough to make it fun to watch, even with horrible background eurodisco music. littlekyro would have loved it.

They had this pile of coffee table books by the guy on exhibit, but not for sale, which was a bit baffling. I went looking for them online and discovered that Amazon doesn't carry ANY of this dude's books, except maybe for his illustrated Life of Jesus which is all very fine but not my fave work by him. (I'm not big on "modern" illustrations of Jesus. Reminds me too much of Catholic school in the 70s.) Amazon needs to get on the stick with the Japanese book concept, hell even crumby Borders is selling manga to tourists now. After some digging, I found a cool online Japanese bookstore at that ships to US and seems to have a clue (But no Wataru Tsurumi :( bummer). I briefly wondered how the same country that brought us Nanking and The Complete Manual of Suicide could be so down with the cute lil' dancing animals, but I guess you could say similar about the United States with Mickey vs. the atom bomb. Anyway, the show was a nice way to spend an afternoon. And now I'm behind at work again, so no three-day weekend for me.
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