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Har-ry Black-mun what have you done? Made a fool of ev-ry-one.

Nearly a year after they were released at the Library of Congress, the papers of the late Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun continue to yield priceless glimpses of life at the Court.
Tucked into a folder of routine correspondence relating to his law clerks is the program from the June 1996 farewell gathering of the clerks. Every June, with the justices in the audience, the clerks put on skits and sing songs, some of which boldly poke fun at their bosses. The lyrics and scripts are usually a tightly held secret.

Here, as part of a regular element of the Courtside column featuring revelations from the Blackmun papers, are lyrics from the 1996 program sung to the tune of The Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby":

"Ah, look at all the strange appointments.
Ah, look at all the strange appointments.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Strolls into work every day 'bout a quarter past three.
Thinks we don't see.

Stephen G. Breyer
Gave 50 speeches last year - if they asked him, he came.
They were all the same.


Crazy nominations.
Where did they all come from?
Senate confirmations.
What were we thinking of?

David H. Souter.
Cutting and pasting all night when there's nobody there,
He doesn't care.
Look at him working.
Writing those endless dissents that nobody will heed.
And no one can read.

Sandra O'Connor
Votes with the left, then the right, so that nobody knows
How the wind blows.

Nino Scalia,
No one will join his invective and hyperbole.
Except for CT" [Clarence Thomas]
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