no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

a night on the town

[Driving through hideous 'burb where George Wallace was shot on U.S. 1, looking for a KFC so I can have my once-every-10-years fix of the battered fat blops known as "Popcorn Chicken". Virtually every other restaurant chain in the U.S. is representin', but not the Colonel.

Car radio starts playing "Oh Sherrie" by Journey.]

"Man, this song sucks. Makes Creed sound good. Got to be one of the worst videos ever made as well."

[Short discussion about how "Oh Sherrie" is just the sort of work beloved by certain ethnic peers who at the time of its release sported curly perms, got married in pastel tuxes, and worked at the local stupormarkets. Followed by short argument about the relative awfulness of the video. ]

"Hey, look, a store called 'Just Puppies.' What's that place sell?"

"Haha, it must be a ______ restaurant!"

"That's disgusting!"

[sings to tune of "Oh Sherrie" chorus:] "Just Puppies/ On my plate/ Bark-ing/ At their fate..."

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