no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

More confirmation that elitism sucks.

I've decided that jewelry_elite sucks a dead dog's dick, and I'm not going to read it any more much less ever apply for membership over there. To be fair, there was an 80% chance that I wouldn't apply anyway because I hate that sort of meritocratic hand jive, but with my usual open-mindedness (ha, it'll be the death of me, because I almost always end by deciding my first impression was right) I was reading it and thinking about giving it a chance. After what they did to the last person who applied, I think they should retitle it "Mod With Her Head So Far Up Her Ass She Can't See Anybody Else Much Less Daylight Elite". For the record, I've seen exactly two people over there whose stuff I personally think has artistic merit (I don't get all excited by ren-gothy chain shite or supposedly "tasteful" combinations of semiprecious stones), but I realize there's a lot of tastes and a lot of ideas about what constitutes "art" in this world, which the snot running it apparently doesn't.


In happier news, I got my black crochet thread in the mail, so as soon as I feel better (I'm under the weather this week) I can put my annoyed energies to good use doing something with thread and leetle stone donuts from New Messico.

Also, speaking of Aht, I finally got a copy of my favorite Derek Hess poster, as in one of the very few posters by that guy that I not only could stand, but actually like. It's from the early period when he actually bothered to draw decent figures with clothes on instead of his usual boring "thinly veiled homo-erotic man bent over a tank wearing a Disengage shirt" as bri once put it ever so nicely.

p.s. Has that shudderatious "What would you say if you found me in your bed?" meme gone away yet? That's just gross. The chances are if I've ever thought about you finding me, or me finding you, in some shared bed in any sense of the word, it's already happened. And if it hasn't happened, then there's a 99.99% probability that I haven't thought about it and don't wish to consider it even in jest.
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