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I had this on my PC in biz school, after seeing it on the PCs of the techs in the laptop-fixit lab. Then I forgot about it for a long time. When I was rebuilding the PC I remembered it again and reloaded it, so I thought I would post the link here for anybody who isn't familiar with it. It's one of the greatest uses of a computer ever, in my opinion.

The Psychedelic Screen Saver

I just sat here and watched it for like 15 minutes, and I'm dead solid sober. I wish I could load it at work but I would just sit all day and watch it and get nothing done, besides my boss is already fascinated enough by the Windows Pipes standard screen saver which I have to admit I also think is pretty neat and can watch for minutes on end. Anything with a repeating pattern - crochet, Warhol, Vivian Girl murals, Bourke-White industrial photos, bricks in a wall, jars of change, you name it, it gets me right here.
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