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Monkeys at type-writers, two by two

Well, I have a million things to do. Am I doing them this weekend? NO! I'm doing Thing Number One Million and One, which is optimizing my EllJay so the layout looks pretty much the same in Firefox as it does in IE. I had it optimized for IE which means that in Firefox, the entry scroller was on the wrong side of the page, and when I rearranged the CSS to get it all on the right side, it messed up all my heading spaces. Much fun with td and tr tags. I will not cop to being any good at HTML, in fact this LJ is about the only time I ever did any, and I never read a book on it, just bashed away, so I'm sure the resulting code's about as elegant as a turd in the punch bowl. But hey! It works! Except for polls, which grow "outside the box" instead of growing the box (a concession to fixed td width because Firefox can't seem to handle columns intelligently). I'll blame that on the Poll Creator.
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