no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

"work" THIS

the last few days, the subway has started posting tons of huge advertisements for marriage paid for by the group Campaign for Our Children. now you just KNOW when somebody claims to be Doin' It For the Kids, 90% of the time whatever it is is gonna suck. and this is no exception. the ads are these four-foot-square pictures of brides and grooms in all colors (but always two of the same color, and NOT two of the same gender *rolls eyes*) with blurbs like "Marriage works" and "Children of married parents do better in school" and even "Married couples make more money". I don't believe marriage should be shoved on people, that's what causes divorce. And posting this shit right before Valentine's Day is frigging heartless when you think about how many people WANT to be part of a couple and for reasons beyond their control, are not. Like if you're not married you're gonna be poor, have stupid kids and be a loser in general? Riiiight. I am a lot more interested in whether people take responsibility for their lives and for their loved ones than whether they have some piece of paper or not. I see just as many married losers as I do single losers. I hate that society sets itself up to force you into a specific social norm, like 1/2 of a married couple. Besides, personal matters shouldn't be made part of a pressure campaign, especially when it might make people feel bad. Looking at those billboards makes me disgusted and sick.
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