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My PC finally kinda died today. I was expecting this for awhile, it hasn't been too well, so the data loss was not near as bad as it would have been otherwise. Plus it had the decency to stay up long enough for me to save my picture library, which is the only thing that's really been updated lately. Well, that and one wee excel spreadsheet that I can type in again. I will not be on here much till I get the computer issue resolved, because I really don't want to use Windows OS anymore and was planning to change after it finally croaked, if that's going to be possible.

Tech Question: I have a hotmail e-mail archive file in .sdf format (the old MSN local storage file format). The text is all there but MWord doesn't convert it very well. So I can only read parts of e-mails. I'm not a Unix/Perl head anymore (I was once, that was years ago tho) so if anybody out there who has a clue can tell me how to convert this .sdf file to readable text (better than MWord does it), or what utility to open it in to read the text, Please let me know. you can post or e-mail. Tanx!!
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