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Grr and meww.

To quote my good friend mileshedgehog, GAH!!! What a stressful day. Sometimes working for the gub'mint is all it's cracked up to be, and if you poissonally know anybody who works for the gub'mint, then you get what i'm coughcoughsaying. I guess this is why we go into the same basic profession as our parents: we've heard all the horror stories already. I am fortunate that my boss and his secretary are the two coolest peeps in the world. It helps a lot. So does the gub'mint hotel rate for when I need to crash someplace and unwind.

Right now, if you're not my family, my friend, the boss or his secretary, you'd best not come near me. Cuz I might rip yer lungs out. Uhm, I forget which one of you I ganked this linky off but in the name of pouring kittens on troubled waters enraged tsunamis, here is Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull on kitten care...seriously.

With that, bon focking nwee!!
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