no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Yahoo Fun With Buddy and Lisa

That "Be Martha Stewart's Apprentice" ad on Yahoo would be more interesting if it was "Be Martha Stewart's Prison Bitch". Martha could make you clean and decorate her cell as well as swapping you to other inmates for ciggies (I can't imagine she has Needs herself, except the need for more $$$ and power). Speaking of prisons, I also watched, at Yahoo's urging, 50-Cent's new "Candy Store" video. That emo closeup look ol' Fiddy gets in all of his viddys, like somebody just stole his rubber ducky, never fails to crack me up.

**BING BING BING INSERT RADICAL SUBJECT CHANGE HERE** Those bunnies I posted yesterday are based on Alex Pardee's hot-hip-new-cool "Bunnywith" comic. Annoyingly, the plushies are actually about a million times easier to find than a copy of the comic book at this point. I see he has gotten other weird bunny artists, such as Michael Gagne of "Insanely Twisted Rabbits" fame, to get their freak on as guest contributors for Issue 2. I wonder if he got the "Book of Bunny Suicides" Andy-dude as well? As opposed to the knavishas Andy-dude, who is also a bunny artist of sorts. Mang, this crazed bunny trend :P

Speaking of comeex, I do like me some of those if they don't have too much (or any) science fiction/stuporhero/monster/blah type crap in 'em, and I see another one that I liked and never had time to keep up with, Peter Bagge's Buddy-in-Seattle stories from Hate, is getting released as a full book. YAY!!! I didn't like Bagge's art style as much as I enjoyed the more mannered, updated-Archie-Comics stylee of Los Bros Hernandez, but Bagge wrote some damn funny storylines about rock n' the whole "grunge scene", which I found humorous even though I wasn't terribly into grunge or Seattle. (Nirvana played some cool songs, but they also played a hella lot of dreck and I never had a desire to see them live, ever, and Seattle in those days seemed to be this writhing mass of grubby un-laundered violent drug addicts from dysfunctional trailer families and Iggy Pop had SO already been there and dun that.) Anyway I have a feeling I will enjoy catching up with that stuff and being glad in retrospect I had a very different life even if it seemed boringer at the tyme.
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