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When the going gets tough...

the tough make DOILIES!!

THIS IS MY DOILY. THERE ARE MANY DOILIES LIKE IT, BUT THIS IS MINE. About 20 inches long, I still need to block it. There's one extra stitch in it that I left in on purpose, sort of like rug makers always put in one wrong thread because only Allah is perfect. Since I don't have an uncluttered, undusty table for this sort of thing, I'll probably tack this one to my bull board. I want to do a scarf for work using the middle motif twice (to make like a yard long finished scarf) and then instead of several pineapples wide just do like one row of pineapples and fill in the rest with roses and a border. but I think I'll leave that for now (I haven't learned how to do the roses yet) and do the chaos model next, for which I will order yarn and an appropriately sized hook this week. (I have at least one and possibly two complete sets of hooks in the house, but as I bought them over ten years ago and haven't used most of them since, I have no idea where in this Augean stable they are right now.)

This is the way we take after our grandma. This, and learning to yawn as the tornado goes by.
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