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All about chemistry.

Occasional pork rinds and McDonald's aside, I've changed a lot of my eating habits over the past month. Actually this has taken me a few months to do very gradually so the habits would stick better and be less of a shock. It's a little hairy because I don't have any gigantic reason, such as diabetes or an ED, to be cognizant of what I eat, and it's a hassle obtaining and preparing healthier food as opposed to just ingesting the same ol' available trash half the time, but when I do manage to get everything together I've noticed that I feel a lot better mentally as well as physically. I remain calmer and think straighter. I wonder how many of my past problems were due to my brain and body being slightly dysfunctional due to lack of proper nourishment.

The following is a general comment not directed at anybody on my f(r)iends list. I'm getting frustrated with people who say they either have nothing to do, or don't know what they want to do, in life. I have too MUCH to do, and always sorta did...and I usually knew what I wanted to do, or had some ideas, not that I didn't chew over it from time to time but I basically always have to have a plan. My point is not that you're somehow bad because you're not like me, but that if you don't have a clue how to make your life less boring, or what you want to do, maybe you need to think on that some more and reach a workable conclusion this time, and it's hard for me to relate to ya. like most things I suspect this goes back to all the years I watched my mom floundering around being bored and lacking outlets for her energy and me not understanding why she couldn't or didn't just *fix it*, and to this day I prefer to be around people who always have a project going on, as opposed to those who exist for long periods in some sort of stasis of confusion or what they would term "self-discovery" which often involves a lot of socializing and what I would consider useless activities (drinking, drugging, fooling around, sitting up all night at the coffee house, etc.)

I'm also getting tired of people who, from what I see of them anyway, seem to define their existence primarily by their connection to/association with someone or something else. Some band, some cause, whatever. Do Something of Your Own, please, and quit glomming onto another person for your main identity.

So concludes my boring arsed lecture for the morning. I'd like to say more of how I really feel on here, but this is neither the time nor the place. It is, however, the time and the place to Mak Fud.
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