no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Play With Me and you Play With Fire.

today ended up being phun. called off work and went to the PO and the superette like I posted previously. then I took three (3) trains out to Ole Virginny (one was way delayed, as usual, so I called my good friend on the cell just to make sure he hadn't imploded or anything) and walked about 15 blox to old town. First I stopped by this thrift shop where I'd almost bought some cheap lil' Something a few weeks ago, but didn't because I was do-don'tish about it, and then I got thinking I wanted it after all and decided to see if it was still there, and it wasn't, and I was bummed out for a couple minutes BUT then I saw my consolation prize which is just as groovy and probably grooviER than what I went in looking for...

A BOBBLE-HED JOGGING ASPARAGUS!! For only a dollar plus tax!

You can't get much cooler than that!

Gus Gus n Friends

On the right is Gus now hanging out on my dusty bookwormshelf with his new friends Henry the Bobble-hed Taco and Bendy Stomach Guy. Soooo after adopting Gus, I wandered around and took a few wrong turns and finally reached the best vintage store down here, where I totally embarrassed myself by tripping on the steps and almost falling into the proprietor's arms and where he then played a bunch of Stones oldies (which was weird because I'd been thinking of "Time Is On My Side" and "Play With Fire" that very morning) and I bought a bunch of 70s shirts and purses and a coat that was so cool I had to buy it although it doesn't fit me (yet). Then I hiked back to the tree trains, I mean three thrains, and because I'd done all that walking I got some coffee and some french fries and a pretzel dog (which I gotta say they make better in NYC) and a big bottle of Kahlua. I also happened to wander into the ladies room at Union Station right when the homeless ladies were in there preparing themselves for the night, which was different as I'd never been in there at that precise hour before and they had their hot combs plugged in doin' their hair and dealing with their laundry and so forth, not bothering anybody (except one who was panhandling) and just talking to each other like regular women hanging out in the ladies room. Soooo now I'm home and feeling good from all that walking which is also good for my bad leg and which I didn't think I'd be able to do as much anymore. There is a really cool jewelry/ glass bead store down there too but I decided not to go in it till I get paid a few more times. Also, Old Town looks strangely like Hoboken, only with many more pedigreed dogs.
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