no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

this is my favorite scam-spam so far...

From Billy & Maria Biros


Dear Sir/Madam

I wish to solicit your help in securing my funds in your country, My name is Billy Biros and Maria Biros, We are the children of Late General Alexandre Biros,the former director of military intelligence and special acting General Manager of the Sierria Leone Diamond and mining cooperation’s(SLMDC).

Regretably,our father was captured and was murdered along with his half brother in a cool blood during a mid night rebel shoot out when our official residence in Freetown was ambushed Fonday Sankoh,the notorious rebel leader. Our mother sustained very severe bullet injuries which resulted to her untimely and painful death in a private hospital here in Ivory Coast. Now we are alone in a total strange country without parents, relatives or any body who can care for us at this tender ages. Before our mother died, she informed us that our late father deposited some money which he made from diamond sales and contracts in a bank here in Ivory Coast and that we should look for a trustworthy foreign business partner who would help us to transfer and invest this money in a profitable business ventures overseas.

We are presently in London England. Our mum before her death gave us all the bank documents to prove the deposit in the bank, I have enquires from the bank about this money and I spoke with the director of International remittance HSBC UK who has help in moving the fund to a financial house in Canada. I have also discussed with the financial house in Canada, Due to our age and statue we can not have an account to keep such fund hence we are contacting you to seek your good assistance to transfer and invest the money. We got your contact from UK reputable chamber of commerce, the situation is hard on us because of our ages, I am 23 years and my younger sister is 21years old and the sympathy he has for our family.

Please note that we can only offer you 25% compensation of the total money which is$18.5Million US Dollars as for your noble assistance. I am interested in any profitable commercial ventures which you consider very good in your country and you would also look a school for me and my younger sister We are hoping to hear .your urgent response so that we can stop to look for another foreign partner. Thanks and God bless .

Yours sincerely,

Billy. and Maria Biros
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