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The shit comes on little cat feet.

Tabbitha shat the bed last night. Not for any good reason. The litterboxes were due for their regularly scheduled changing, but they weren't that bad, and have certainly been much worse. She wasn't ill, nor has she been having any diarrhea or bowel control problems, nor was anything scaring the crap out of her. Some of my other cats have been known to drop their bio-bombs when they're being wrestled into the bath or the vet carrier, but nothing like that was going on, plus Tabbitha has never lost control of her bodily functions when scared. The last time she crapped where she shouldn't was 12 and a half years ago, when she was a four-month-old kitten and we hadn't gotten around to adopting a second cat yet and we left her alone for the weekend while we went to Hersheypark. It was the longest she'd ever been alone and she wasn't thrilled about it and expressed her displeasure by leaving us presents in the bed and bathtub. We got another cat shortly thereafter (followed by five more down the road) and it never happened again.

Nope, she was just happily hanging out on the bed with us, which is kind of a special treat as the catz generally aren't allowed in the bedroom, but sometimes I'll take one or two in for company, or to give them some extra attention, and yesterday we were snowed in so I was just letting whoever wanted to wander in and out. So she was enjoying taking naps on the bed, and climbing up and down, and rolling around hairing up my pillow, and getting pets from whichever one of us was on the bed, and purring up a storm, and finally she seems to have decided, "I'm so happy, I could just shit!!" and voila! she made a nice big healthy steaming pile right on the quilt in front of whatsisname who was watching her.

Of course we both shouted at her immediately and I ran after her and chastised her rather vehemently and then stuck her under the cold faucet in the bathtub to rinse off some poop that had gotten on her coat. By that point she'd figured out that she'd been a Very Evile Kitty and was, I think, too shocked to claw back or do anything but holler some, so I let her go and she hid under the desk for a while. Eventually she came out so I put her on my lap and explained to her in firm and reasonable tones that I was sorry for losing my cool, but pooping on the bed was extremely verboten and she was NOT to do it any more. She looked bewildered and sorry, exactly like a three-year-old kid looks after it does something similar and Mommy gets mad and yells and finally calms down. Then she very quietly went and took a nap in her favorite nap spot under the orange crate. I think she got the message, she's a smart girl and cats understand much more than people think they do. I sure would like to know what goes on in their heads sometimes though. I swear she did that just to see what would happen, or for no good reason, the same way my ex told me he used to crap behind the living room couch when he was a toddler.
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