no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

A feature I'd like to see on LiveJournal

I wish LJ would enable some sort of killfile function so you could hide or delete all the public entries from particular people. right now I'm thinking especially of one particular individual who draws/paints and is constantly pimping their artwork all over numerous LJ communities, usually with a big uncut picture. i actually left one community a year and a half ago because it seemed like every other post was this person posting paintings that i didn't like. i recently joined another community and guess who pops up right away? (and after two years, i STILL think what they do is ugly.)

one would think that an artist would have the sense to keep it to like, one promo post every two months and the rest on their website or personal journal, so if you really wanted to see it you could go there, but it seems like some people are so gungho to sell things they have to post to a sales/promo community literally every time they finish a piece. there are also plenty of perfectly competent people drawing what knavishas would refer to as "naked pregnant fairy shit" that i don't need to be seeing every five minutes either.

i'm sure other people have the same problem with people who write stupid things in communities (i don't have that problem because i avoid most discussion communities like the bubonic plague, 'cuz my blood pressure doesn't need the sound of one stupid person arguing) so a user-specific killfile is long overdue. You can leave such people off your fiendslist but it seems impossible to screen their entries out of communities.

is there an LJ hack for this? anybody know?
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