no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

having a grumpy day, glad you're not here

the train system had a minor derailment yesterday that they're still recovering from. i have a meeting tonight that's not a big deal but is just one more thing i have to do that doesn't particularly move me. i don't have enough time to do the things that Do move me, or talk to/get together with people i'd love to talk to and/or see. it's probably just as well because i'm afraid they wouldn't have time for ME which would feel worse than me not having time for THEM.

for somebody who loves jewelry as much as i do, i wonder why i actively dislike almost every single blasted piece i see posted on LJ, including the pieces that are supposedly all well crafted and stuff.

i'm tired of people's babyish remarks about booze, dope and sex. i'm even tireder of the fact that millions of their other friends seem to think said remarks are uproariously funny. i know i sound like the freakin' church lady but i'm sorry, talking about that stuff bores me. just go do it, don't give yourself some kind of weird contact high by constantly discussing it.

i'm tired of people who don't have any money. i'm tired of people who think 40 thousand dollars is a lot of money (although they do make me laugh uproariously at times). i'm tired of people who have so much money they have to wear minks in the subway. furs look good on the animals from which they were taken, but i think they look very ugly on most if not all people. i'm not making any big anti-fur statement there, i just honestly think the coats do look extremely, exceedingly ugly on women who are obviously totted up to look like they have a whole truck load of cash - i hate ostentatiousness unless it's for brief campy fun. there's probably a bundled-up russian somewhere who actually needs to stay warm who looks great in 'em.

i'm not making as much progress as i'd like to as fast as i want to.

*/end vent
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