no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

elvis has left the reviewing stand

well, the last marching band and twirler and float has gone by, and all the little bushpeople have traipsed back into the white hive to get ready for the evening's parties. i kinda felt bad for some of the bands having to march past the VIP bleachers that were dead empty by 5 pm (it's cold out there and i figure those folks hoofed it to some fancy dinner).

best thing i saw all day: poor guy on a horse whose horse got scared as it approached the stand, forcing him to ride said horse past the president backwards. for a minute i thought trigger was going to jump into the bleachers.

second best thing i saw all day: one lone skateboarder sailing down the middle of H street while it was closed to all traffic

weirdest thing i saw all day: about 12 police cars following a small, well-behaved group of 50 marching protesters

anyway, since i now have a sinus infection from sitting in the cold window all day, and i have to publicly debate the Doctrine of Equivalents tomorrow, think i'll hit the road, boys and girls.

this moment in history was brought to you by Me, with a little help from Keurig Coffee Systems. thank you and good night.
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