no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Shy digging eyeball

I got that line on a spam subject header today and just had to memorialize it. It should be the title of Something.

anyway - after what happened yesterday, the boss decided he didn't feel like driving into work with all the streets closed, so he closed the office till DubyaFest 2005 is over. i was gonna go in today anyway and then go shopping, but given that (1) the store i wanted to goto is closed Wednesdays and (2) i looked out and saw the White Death coming down like fallout about 10:30 am, I decided to just stay home, where i've spent an unexciting day updating all my firewalls and virus protectors, deleting unused software that's been bugging me for months, and starting to clean up my files in preparation for wiping the disk and majorly reinstalling everything in an ORGANIZED manner. thrilling. even my senile old cat who usually yows at me for attention about 65 times a day hasn't pestered me once. i bet that's because he snuck into the Forbidden Bedroom again.
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