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Congratulations to mileshedgehog for getting her Paddy Litvak Jewelry site up n' running!! She is one of my bestest friends and one reason I wuv her is that unlike a lot of people, she actually DOES what she says she's going to do, instead of just sitting around acting like she's got 15 creative projects in progress while partying all day and never producing jack doodly squot in the way of results.

She also got into jewelry_elite, which is cool, and which I am watching for a bit as I like to look at nicely made jewelry (although I prefer great big off-the-wall wearable arty to the wee conservative pieces favored by many). However, I must say that the whole voting-on-applications business over there creeps me out. I know you **have** to do it that way to keep out the 150,000 dolty teeners stringing gum machine prizes on a cord (actually, that reminds me to post My Olde Gum Machine Craft Necklace from 1980something sometime), but any sort of organized merit selection pains me, and I'm all about avoidance of pain lately.

* * *

Speaking of "creative", the Chaos pattern finally arrived from Great Britain. An hour after I got it, I found the same article for free on the web in a fairly obscure location. Curses! But at least the real deal came with pictures, which for something like this, should help. What does not help is that the crochet stitches are labeled in Britishese, which means a US single is a British double, and a US double is a British treble, and a US triple is a British double treble, or maybe that's double trouble, and really it's all very illogical and you'd think the UN or the EU would do something about it.

Also, I decided today that Chaos was red and black.
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