no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

waiting for chaos to arrive

Still waiting for the pattern of Chaos I posted about last week to arrive from the journal article service. I probably could have asked our librarian to request it from Library of Congress for free, but I was worried that would be a Waste of Government Time and Resources For My Personal Bizness, and I would get asked about it someday in a hearing by some snarky Arlen-Specter-type senator in the same tone they use to question those golf trips taken in government jets. So I was Good and paid bucks to some article search service which happens to be British and promised to provide within 48 hours. Given that this is a recent article (December), I figured, no problem. Well apparently there is a problem because it needs to be faxed and they are looking into why it has been 4 days and the British Library has not yet faxed it. From my experience with British Libraries, it's likely that if they didn't place the order in the wrong bin and lose it, faxing only occurs between 3 and 4 p.m. of prime-numbered Tuesdays of months with "R" in them, when the fax machine is not broken and when Mr. Jones-Wiggins, the Head Manager in Charge of Facsimiles, is not on his tea break.

For added humor, when they finally responded to one of my many e-mails, they began the response very politely with "Dear *****" where ***** is the name of a famous dead punk musician that I put on my personal e-mail account for amusement. Even though I had signed the e-mail with my real name that is also the same name on my order and login account.

I suppose they are now grousing about bothersome Americans who need everything in a hurry...
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