no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Bubble Gum Fudge

This AM I saw a squirrel running through my backyard, carrying in his mouth an apple half that was bigger than his head. Stuff like that always makes me laugh because i get a mental picture of myself scampering through the grass with a Texas-sized beefsteak or an extra-large pizza clamped in my jaws.

I'm probably going to change the style and format of my JellLay before the year is out. I don't really feel "Perpetually Exasperated" anymore. (plus, i don't like the way the scrolly text box is right-justified in I-net X-plorer, but, through some quirk of the HTML, is left-justified in Mozilla and Firefox. If anybody can tell me how to fix that, holler.) I guess Time wounds the heels that no one can see. Or hounds the wheels, or something. Whatever. I'm gonna wait to change around format stuff till I see what Six Apart is gonna do and all that gets more settled.

Angry Penguin need not worry though, I'm not abandoning him. He's just gonna move next door and pop over for tea and chainsaws once in a while. We're taking up chainsaw knitting, it beats Stitch-n-Bitch all hollow. We only have two rules: 1) No Ugly Hats! and 2) Bug us, and we'll poke yer eyes out with a great big needle!!
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