no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

la la means i love you

don't have much to say, just wanted to post my new icon of a vastly prettified 1980-or-thereabouts you-know-who.

my admiration for this dude and his past body of work (i stopped listening after a capella, because it was starting to be too much about object lessons and technical effects, and not enough about the Interpersonal for my taste) is an intensely personal thing, and i generally avoid talking about it. i know my middle name is "Intensely Personal Thing" about everything, about all kinds of things that other people feel quite at ease kicking around in mixed (up) company, but i am also very sensitive to creeps glomming onto my personal things and ruining them for me, either directly by ridiculing me over what is close to my heart, or indirectly by insisting that they too are "fans" or just getting their sucky tentacles all wrapped around the matter to the point where I can't think about whatever I love without also thinking of creepo nightmares. so that is why I am often less than forthcoming about this, and about many things. Because they're My things, and if I'm not sure that you are My Friend (sometimes I'm not even sure about this with my real friends, the ones who spend time with me, keep coming back to me, or otherwise trigger my logical sensors - so you can see where I'd be highly dubious if your idea of being a "friend" is to talk to me once a year at a show or maybe ignore me for 4 out of 5 shows and then decide you have five minutes to act friendly - anyway...) as I was saying, if I'm not Sure that you are My Friend, in a more or less Permanent fashion, then I want you to stay the hell Out of My Personal Everything.

Sorry if that sounds too selfish. I was the little girl who got yelled at by the bowling-league day-care lady for not letting awful, big, fat, bossy Jeannie use my crayons. Because Jeannie would peel the labels off and color too much with one color and make it all stubby and ruin it. I didn't like Jeannie and I didn't want her using my crayons and I think it would be better if kids were allowed to be honest about not liking people and feeling possessive, instead of having to constantly fake that they're all happy little share-and-share-alike Smurfs and Smurfettes.
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