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I go through this every nite...

I'm very sleepy and it's past the time I can reasonably Stay up if I want to reasonably Get up in the AM.

Yet, I don't want to go to sleep.

It's like I feel like i'm gonna miss something but I don't know what that might be, as i'm too tired to pay attention to whatever it is, and all my friends have their AIM away massages up, and it's not like there's anything to do on here.

Maybe I just like this hour because it's "me time", and it's quiet. No neighbors, no kids, no conversations, no barking dogs, no nuthin'.

I have gone through this several nights this week, the result being that I don't wake up very early in the morning and thus don't get into work by the hour I'd like to. Must stop that.

I could try reminding myself that Every time I fall asleep and wake Up, it's another day less left on my life span. Wow, that's really going to help me nod off peacefully there, bucko.

Ever wish you could just switch yourself O-F-F? Or pull the plug on yer brain? Temporarily, I mean...
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