no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Journal Backup Links

Many thanks to wraptboy (and by extension andragon and book_of_daniel) for pointing out this link to a very fab LJ Archive tool for backing up your journal, complete with comments, to a file on your computer:

Note that it seems to be for Windoze only and that you will need Microsloth NET Framework 1.1 installed on your peecee to get it to run, which you can DL from the ***REDACTED*** Himself at about 1,000 places on the 'net.

I just tried it out and it worked like a champ once I got the NET framework installed. In addition to serving as an archive in case Six Apart takes a giant poop on EllJay As We Know It, it's also a pretty cool way to just view your back entries as an alternative to the regular Calendar View.

Of course I am wondering a little bit why I would want to save an EllJay that in significant part documents me Running Around With At Least One A-Hole, but hey! THAT'S MY LIFE!!! :D Anyway people make hilarious comments on here sometimes. Even A-Holes! Perhaps especially the A-holes, that's prolly how they managed to keep me in their destructive thrall for as long as they did.
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