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hehe slays me really

so on the train coming home tonight after another day-that-wasn't-as-productive-as-i-planned, i found myself sitting amidst hordes of gabby ppl again *rolls eyes*. one set was across the aisle. some older business-suited guy from one of those "talky cultures" of people (i.e. salesmen, certain ethnic backgrounds, lobbyist types, etc.) was sitting in a seat and some young military-IT looking dude got on and sat in the seat next to him and before you know it, these two total strangers are having a convo about younger dude's wife. and younger dude is spilling all this stuff about how many kids they have and how many times wife goes to the gym a week and how she doesn't like getting flowers 'cuz she's "too thrifty" to enjoy them and how she drinks this power-juice stuff for a couple days at a time to lose weight and all kinds of other garbach that i'm sure was well meant, but that when people start to blather about it to COMPLETE STRANGERS, my skin just frickin' starts to crawl. (at least the young dude didn't start spouting off about his sex life; the way men yammer on the I-net about their getting or not getting Laid, you'd think it would have made its way into general train-and-cocktail-party-chatter by now. but i digress.)

I guarantee if some stranger on a train or plane, and I think it happened once, started asking me about my kids and so forth, I'd start giving one-word answers, pointedly open a book, and if it kept up, I'd probably say Whaddya you the IRS taking a survey? Sit on it! good thing i didn't go into sales or marketing or raising venture capital.

so when i got home i asked whatsisname if he ever talked to Strange Men about me. he said, well to the guys at work sometimes. and i said i hoped he didn't announce all that poissonal shite, like all that stuff i was hearing on the train. he said, "No, I just tell them the Truth about us. That's bad enough."

I said, "Which truth is that?"

He just smiled and didn't say anything else. So I didn't either.
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