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How Lawyers Depress Themselves, and Each Other, Part 4,027

So, to kick off a swell new year, I read this in Washington Lawyer magazine. It is a pretty awful little story, especially since the reading public (other lawyers) knows that the person went to one of the very best law schools in existence and was a partner at one of the very best firms before his tragic downfall.

I did find myself wondering why a legal magazine would start off the year with such a tale, however, especially since us lawyers are known to be an easily depressed lot. The whole story reminded me of that other recent story about the athlete who became a paraplegic in an accident, made a comeback as a national wheelchair-athletics champ, only to wind up as a quadraplegic after a truck drove through the barrier at a big city race and plowed into the fellow as he was wheeling towards the finish line. The story talked about his pain, but presented him as a sort of Zen hero, a man who had suffered much pain and yet managed to work through the worst of it and inspire others. I wonder what sort of a person this retired lawyer is? I don't believe in putting spin on awfulness if there isn't any honest spin to put, and I know the article was trying to make a point about clients, but surely there must be more to life than sitting alone in an apartment. Surely there must be something useful to do, when you can't be a big time lawyer anymore. Perhaps it just didn't come across in the writing?
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