no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Wildddd Hor-sezzzz, Couldn't drag me - a-wayyyyy...

back!! from my nice refreshing holiday HellJay break.
happy nude year an' that...hope 'twas good 4 u.

lessee, checklist pleeze...


Cool, now we can all relax!

waxpumpkin had one of his groovy ideas that instead of celebrating Christmas and New Years (and, by extension, Thanksgiving and all that), we oughta just give people presents and good wishes whenever we feel like it, not when it's like, mandated by Hallmark Law. I am SO there. sort of like going to disney world in the off season when fewer people are there to bung it up for ya. and on Baby Jesus's birthday, let's just make Him a cake, maybe go to church, and skip the rest of the XMess.

By the way, I probably don't care about how your holidays went. I'm not upset and nothing "happened," I just don't care. For those of you in school, I don't care about what classes are on your schedule this term either, and I can't imagine why anyone else would. I also don't do the whole New Year's Resolutions thingummybobbler so you can stuff that as well.

Pee Yes: Hey, howsabout that tsunami? That's phuket, all right. If it happened here I bet you'd see a whole buncha insurance lawtsuts. Ba-dumb-dah! Thank you, I'll be here all week...and next week, and prolly the week after that, until some "Act of God" gets me too.

Pee Pee Yes: I'm actually in a good/better/more positive mood lately. Believe it, or Don't.
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