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It's good to have reliable people in your life for the long term.
(I am defining "long term" arbitrarily as a more or less continuous >(3.5 years) which, based on my experience, is about how long it takes to see if somebody is fo' reals or just a fayreweatha playa.)

That's reliable.
And people. Plural.

Even if their reliability in certain matters can be as annoying as the little scripts my cats play. Like when Big B chins my knee and yowls up to 42 separate times a day, and Tablet spends hours daily pawing the bedroom door till it opens allowing her to race in and hurl herself onto the bed and claw the mattress pads till I put her back outside. Predictable love is predictable love.

Notice I said nothing about niceness. Learned Hand wasn't a nice person. He was brusque and hard to get along with and always wished he could have been handsome and popular and socially skilled like one of his classmates. But Hand did a lot of good for people. I am beginning to think that politesse is largely an empty shell, and would probably rethink my bad judgment of anyone based on rudeness grounds alone, Iff they were honest. And confident. And, eminently, reliable.
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