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Got Goth?

The other week on impulse I joined the Teddy Scares Fan Club and opened my membership kit yesterday. I feel like a complete idiot joining because I'm hardly some lil' 15-year-old depwessed pill-popping cutter who collects Living Dead Dolls and submits cam photos to SexyGothBabez chat groups. But it's fun to get a little laminated card with your name on it, and I like Edwin Morose as much as the next unloved-feeling chiquita. (I think he's the most popular bear - his story is that he was a love token and was hugged and loved every day by his beautiful owner until one day he was suddenly thrown in the trash with a bunch of old love letters and dead roses - haven't we all just SO been there? ;) ) I also got a cool Rita Mortis T-shirt with an angry little bearette wearing what looks like my old Catholic school uniform attacking something with a baseball bat over the words "I Don't Like You." Hehehe yeah I probably don't. I think I'll wear that one home for Thanksgiving because I'm tired of turning the "School Shootings Tour" shirt inside out to get it through airport security.
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