no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

if the shoe fits, buy it in every color.

i had apparently forgotten, if indeed i ever knew, how good life could feel when neither any person you know, nor your job, is giving you an unreasonable amount of worry n' shit. i'd say it's 50% limiting one's interaction with Shitmongers, and 50% not sweating the small stuff (and remembering that it's almost all small stuff). this is a lesson i wish i'd learned a lot younger but it's also one that other people just seem to refuse to pick up on because they'd rather be miserable. maybe the culture tells them that's how they're supposed to be; maybe they have a chemical imbalance or something. damned if i know. i'm just glad if i have to spend another 5, 10 or 50 years on this planet i finally figured out how to be happy again, without depending on anybody else to Make me that way. i know it could go away any time, but once you figure out how to Get someplace, you're a lot more confident about being able to Get back to where you once belonged.

*pause to knock on wood, because i still worry. it's safer that way.*

i also think people pick weird things to get their tits in a mangle about sometimes. i mean, i know we all have our weak points and soft spots, but as someone who has been constantly reminded, verbally and nonverbally, that crybabies get nowhere in life except laughed at, to me there are a lot of very oversensitive, immature people out there. i have two or three things i'm admittedly oversensitive and just plain weird about; my friends know this and i make every effort to limit my weirditudinous ventage to them. people who don't similarly limit their audience shouldn't expect much sympathy, at least not from me.
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