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True Confessions, Politicians, and Lyin' F@kers

Today is All Saints' Day. Tomorrow I shall vote. I didn't vote four years ago. Can't remember if I skipped it entirely, or just wrote in Steve-0 (like Dead Guy used to write in Daffy Duck). Lots of things I can't remember from that time frame. Stress. My (real) friend and my (fake) friend not speaking to me. Moot arguments, real arguments, sitting all day in offices with a scarf over my face, trying to relax with everybody around me bursting into tears and going on Prozac and searching desperately for jobs if they hadn't been lucky. And at election time, dozens of Tads and Buffys with cellfones glued to their ears, racing for an Internet terminal at every class break, all the little hill rats waiting to see whose ship was going to sink. Stress. I didn't care, everything I cared about was a million miles away, gone I thought, I cried in Almost Famous and in Life is Beautiful and in church, I stopped going to movies, I stopped going to church, I stopped reading anything that wasn't absolutely required. Screw all the Tads and Buffys, I thought, the Court shouldn't be mixed up in this and no matter which stupid talking head wins the country will survive, wasn't that the lesson of Nixon, that's the savage beauty of our system. Stress. I missed Election Day, practically a family holiday on my mother's side, I missed all the holidays, my birthday Thanksgiving Christmas New Years, left out, shut out, yes I'm still angry I will A L W A Y S be angry. ! But it's all over now, Baby Blue. Tomorrow is All Souls' Day. I shall vote tomorrow.
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