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note to self #435,613

Dear Self,
Hi. Please DO NOT read books discussing Some Author's Theory of the Shaping of the American Meritocracy by an Elite Class of SAT-Acin' Baby-Boomer Ivy League Lawyers Led By Warren Buffett's Investment Advisor's (Who-Also-Founded-a-Major-Law-Firm's) Daughter when you are tired, overworked and premenstrual. You should know by now that contemplating such matters in said state always makes you want to kill everyone in the world and send your own offspring into the forest to be raised by tapirs. That's TAPIRS, WITH NO FORMAL EDUCATION, WHO HAVE NEVER TAKEN A STANDARDIZED TEST.

Thank you,
The Management

(nr: Justice Harlan's wife's memoirs of life in antebellum Kentucky...much more relaxing)
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