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This post was going to be 4 nik but since I already told him all the good parts on the AIM it's just for whoever else the hell cares. tho I actually wouldn't mind hosting a regular movie review feature, with the caveats that (1) only rock docs or similar pop-culturey philms would be discussed and (2) anyone who posted or wrote an analysis longer than 2 short paragraphs, used big words, attended either an Ivy or a film school, worshipped at the altar of McSweeneys' or otherwise bugged me in any fashion would be immediately beheaded with garden shears.

and now da movie, folks!
i saw the BJM/ Dandies flick tonight as I've been threatening to do.
interesting things in this movie:
1. speak in tongues
2. greg "Dead-(American)-Guy-of-the-Week" shaw
3. kelley deal
4. topless chick onstage at beginning (for all you sex phreaks who just HAD to know that)
5. flute chick at end

there is some doofus named "adam shore" (? surely that can't be a real name, unless he's dinah's grandson or pauly's little bro? ) from TVT who manages to epitomize Naivete and Smarm all wrapped up in a single slice of processed cheese, and who convinced me anew that TVT has, or at least had, the overall business acumen of a flock of chiggers.

oh and there's a fat stupid manager who uncannily-resembled an early incompetent stuporvisor of mine. for that matter, two members of BJM uncannily-resemble people i know in RL and do not like.

(have I ever happened to mention that I hate like 99.5% of people involved in the "music business"? it's true.)

said film also reminded me of many other things i hate including dirty badly cut hair, knit caps, portland, dysfunctional families, facial piercings, CMJ, drugs, and the '90s. Kudos from Kudokan to my darling goodfriends for blasting me/us mercifully OFF that godforsaken self-righteous vegan-infested planet...

mmff...and even though anton newcombe at close range is clearly a gargantuan pain in the bunghole who probably ought to be shoved into mt. st. helens's orifice right behind evan dando, i must say by the end of the flick courtney taylor was about as much fun as a flu shot himself.

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