no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

the cat who walked by himself

This isn't directed at a single person because I have had several of these situations lately and a LOT through my whole life. The reason I do things by myself for the most part is because I have had too many experiences of nobody else really wanting to bother doing them with me, or else suddenly deciding at the last minute that they didn't want to go, or couldn't make it, or had something better to do, etc., when it's something that I either planned on or was really looking forward to or would have really enjoyed having someone to do whatever it is with.

The reason I cut off the person I cut off a couple years back was basically that he stood me up at the last minute, and given that we weren't getting along so good anyway, that was just the straw that this camel does not put up with.

I understand that sometimes people are going to have things come up but I also understand that a lot of the time they're just not that interested in bothering to spend time with me. So that is why I don't bother with people for the most part either. There's less disappointed expectations all around, it beats planning your whole day, or trip, or visit, or event, around somebody who can't be bothered.

I know there are people on my f(r)iends list who know what I mean because they post about having the same sort of issues themselves. I'm disallowing comments because I've stated my case, don't feel like having a debate about it, anyone has something to say they know where to find me. Not particularly mad, just firm.
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