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Weekend Update (You ignorant slut :P)

Shopping malls are not good environments for people dealing with anxiety/ borderline ADD or whatever label they slap on overbusyness and hypersensitivity to stimulation this week.
Antique malls are not quite as bad, but almost. Hell, even thrift stores are suspect.
I wish I had realized this when I was younger, so I wouldn't have thought I was going nuts so many times, but I guess With Age Cums Whizdumb and all that. When I get back from those places, fun as they may be, I always have to fight the urge to burn everything I own and go join a Zen monastery, instead of continuing to fight the good fight to put the Mod back in Moderation.
I'm limiting my shopping excursions to no more than once a month and planning them. Today's was planned because I had to go to the hobby shop for more metal paint and then to pick up something so it wouldn't have to be shipped. It was rather a relief to have to cut it short, go home and wrestle two of my feraler cats into their little portable prison cells for a scheduled vet visit, even though Jasper did score a lucky hit on my hand vein. Haven't mopped up all the blood from various floors and furniture yet. Maybe I'll just leave it there till after Halloween and make like I decorated.
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