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The reason I can't wake up half the time in the morning and need to mainline coffee is because instead of hitting the sack at 10 pm like a good little middle-aged professional booby, I keep on keeping the hours of some slacker-teen store clerk. I can't help it! I love being up half the night, I looooove junk food from 7-11, I looove all-night television, I loooooooove when the streets get good n' empty, I just love love LOVE it too much!! I swear to Bob I got this gene from my mom. She and most of her family regarded midnight as early evening. She hated waking up early in the morning, I don't think she was ever in on time to work in her life and she was even late for her own wedding. I ain't quite that bad. I will be on time at least some of the time and when it's important, but I will be sleepy as all hell and will hop myself up on sugar and coffee and cheezy nachos until I have gone so many days without sleep that six of my internal organs feel like they're shutting down, and I have to get drunk and doze off for about 12 straight hours to get back on track, or else I will get incredibly crabby and sick-feeling and want to murder everyone.
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