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Dear Idiot Neighbor:

When a man with a clipboard, presumably a process server for one of the endless divorce/bankruptcy actions that permeate these parts, comes a'poundin' on the door of the house a block down at 8 in the morning on a Sunday, thereby waking the neighborhood, the way to deal with it is NOT to go out on your front porch and yell up the street at the process server, thus waking the rest of the neighborhood that had managed to sleep through the pounding, and if you MUST yell at said process server, please do NOT call him a name if he is a different color from you, thus provoking a Spike Lee race-based screaming argument in the middle of the street directly under my window.

postscript: It is now 10:30 am, I am awake, and the entire 'hood is silent as the grave.
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