no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Like first dates from hell in the comfort of your own living room.

I know I post on LiveJernal about LiveJernal a lot. After giving it some thought, I've resolved not to feel guilty about this anymore, 'cuz it's all cool like a snake eating its own tale, er tail, or maybe like a guppy eating its young. Slurp.

Tonight I was wondering what were those seemingly innocuous, reasonably content-neutral behaviors on LJ that make you just immediately go, "OK that's it, bleargh, I don't want to read any more of this person's stuff." I said "reasonably content-neutral" because I don't wish to open a debate over whether someone should be posting about their suicide attempts or other loaded subjects on here. Loaded schtuff aside, what irks you? Let's also say, something besides posting a bunch of memes and posting in ALL CAPS, because we hear about those all the time and there's got to be other dumb lil' things.

For me, it's when I go to someone's userinfo page and their bio either takes up the entire page and tells their whole life history, or they include a Cast of Characters giving the LJ name, in LJ usertag format, of their "best friend", "partner in crime", "roommate", "brother", "ex who is still a friend" and so on like their journal is the pilot to a new Fox series. The kiss of absolute death is when they do both. If I wanted that much exposition, I'd watch an Oliver Stone film.

Running a close second are people who have a big statement up about how if they can't understand and follow EVERYTHING you're posting about in your journal, they don't want to read it. Dislike of the unspoken or unclarified is so far to the "normal" side of the spectrum, it's per se weird. I suspect such folks, if given the option, would even choose an obvious, explicable death, such as by choking on a slice of Wonder Bread at a family picnic.

So does anybody want to beef about any little LJ habits? I don't even mind if they're my own. C'mon, try an' make me feel guilty :P
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