no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Blue Velveeta.

cleaning out more of the house today, which I absolutely love to spend time doing (really, i do) but which is also nervewracking because of family stuff and also because i tend to find emotionally loaded whatsits that i forgot i owned. Every once in a while i do find something super classic, like this pamphlet the grocery store gave away:

Considering that the pamphlet is dated 1977, and looks it, art-wise, and I didn't darken the door of that particular regional foodchain till late 1985, I'd say Giant Foods had a hard time unloading these babies. it's the type of thing I would have thought was funny in the 80s, and considering the passage of time, has now reached the level of Hilarious.

(Picture posted with LJ photo hosting beta. Please report any problems in the comments.)
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