no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Sparkly Stuff!!

I got a box from mileshedgehog today! with Thurgood Marshall stamps On it, and some nice jewelry and thingies In it. ***~Thank You!!~*** I hooked the little Snoopy right inside my tote bag where I can see him every day and he won't get lost, and put the jewelry right on me. I think I'll leave it on, because physically I've been feeling sort of yucko, bucko lately and if you're like me and think the world is crammed with untrustworthy blue meanies, it feels good to wear something made by a good friend. Like armor :) The little Egypt cat is likely to end up in my next project, which has Syd Barrett-y overtones.

I'm doing something really monotonous at work lately and I need it to be over so I can pay better attention to Other Parts of My Life. Must dash.
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