no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

ellicott city needs more of these...

built just over the columbia line so all those covenant-happy analists can tear at their non-existent hair.

Castles! Insulated! With Bathrooms, Even!

seriously, i'm SO not surprised that the big examples photoed all over their website are around Washington State. you're a software geek in seattle, you make a few million dollars, what do you do with it? Buy your own pre-fab castle, of course, then promptly invite over the Society for Creative Anachronism and your Monty Python club.

I've always enjoyed castles architecturally, once you can divorce them from the dorky people who are way too into the princesses-knights-and-fair-ladies concept. Or, to put it another way, Patricia Kenneally is one thing, whereas my embarrassing college boyfriend who flunked out because he spent too much time playing D&D rather than studying is something else again. (I have strongly disliked fantasy games ever since that happened.) However, if I was rich enough to get my own castle, I think I'd prefer something authentic, like the famous Sarzay restored by Richard Hurbain, the electrical company employee, despite many administrative impediments imposed by the French government.

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