no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

i did a survey because steve did it. *shrug* so, if steve jumped off a bridge, would i do that too?

13 things I love
1. my "family"
2. my cats
3. guinea pigs!!
4. rabbits
5. greenhouse smells
6. hiking in the woods
7. reading non-fiction
8. cleveland
9. washington dc
10. good coffee
11. having time to clean/fix up my house
12. the fact that i'm going to be clerking for judge f. soon, knock wood
13. cool weather

12 movies
1. quadrophenia
2. diva
3. jandek on corwood (coming soon to general release!)
4. gettysburg
5. the aristocats
6. shampoo
7. this is spinal tap
8. repo man
9. desperately seeking susan
10. the year of living dangerously
11. the unbearable lightness of being
12. casablanca
13. point of order

11 good bands/artists
1. todd rundgren
2. gnr
3. s0under
4. mc5
5. dos
6. nwa
7. d
8. ben folds five
9. magazine
10. crue
11. the cure (pre-fascination street only)

10 things about me
1. i hate most group social activities
2. i prefer eating by myself in a quiet atmosphere where i can read
3. i talk way more online than i normally do in person
4. i like people who act interested in me and tell good jokes
5. people who drink and/or drug on a regular basis really turn me off
6. i love to cuddle and hug, but only with certain people
7. i'm easily bored
8. i'm thinking about hiring a personal trainer
9. i like rainy days and nights better than sunny ones, unless i want to take pictures outdoors
10. i still miss someone

9 good friends (in no order)

8 favorite foods/drinks
1. Coke
2. Dr. Pepper
3. Diet Dr. Pepper
4. smoked salmon on whole grain bagels
5. pressed duck (i can't find a place that sells this anymore)
6. steaks done rare
7. scrambled eggs and bacon
8. any sort of good coffee

7 things i wear daily
1. watch
2. glasses
3. wedding ring
4. a bra
5. industrial strength moisturizer that still doesn't do the trick
6. speed stick anti-perspirant
7. underpants

6 things that annoy me
1. noisy brats and the parents who don't control them
2. tourists
3. hot weather
4. drama queens who are always having an upset, tantrum or crisis
5. not getting enough "private time"
6. people who post boring or stupid stuff online

5 things i touch daily
1. computer keyboard
2. the cats
3. my purse
4. toothbrush
5. myself (no, not THAT way you perv, i mean when i shower, etc.)

4 shows I enjoy watching
actually there aren't any, i haven't watched tv regularly in years

3 celebrities i have crushes on
i haven't really crushed on a celebrity since clint eastwood got old.
i used to want a man who was like humphrey bogart, does that count?

2 people i have dated
1. J
2. J

1 person i could spend the rest of my life with
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