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oh, what a relief it is

to realize that you don't HAVE to be buddy-buddy with everybody. i'm not talking about being impolite or mean or nasty or going out of your way to tell them you don't want to be pals. i'm just saying it's okay to be neutral about, or dislike, people in the sense that you don't want to make them part of your personal life or social life, for no good reason except you just don't have much to say to each other. life is not children's tv, and we're not all a bunch of smurfs who need to like all the other smurfs or die.

of course there are some folks who think you're being two-faced if you don't either "work things out" with the person or else go right up to them and tell them what you think. many in this society have lost the concept of polite distance. it seems to exist only as a professional construct for business people. it ought to exist on a personal level too.

this post is not directed at anybody at all, nor inspired by any present situation whatsoever. it's just something i'm thinking.
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